“I want to purchase a new antivirus but there is so many out there, which one should  I choose?”

“I want to purchase a new antivirus but there is so many out there, which one should I choose?”

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There is indeed a lot of different antivirus software out there. There is so many and they all seem to be changing from top of the list to go down to below top 10. Most of the popular ones do a good job at protecting your computer and your precious files. If you pick one of those, you can feel safe that at least most of the bad code will not get into your system.

To pick a good antivirus you have to ask yourself what is important to you. Do you want an antivirus that is lightweight? Then you can go with ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Do you want an antivirus that is cheap, preferably, free? Then you can go for AVG Free Antivirus/Panda Free Antivirus. Expect that it will come with a lot of ads and pop-ups though.

If you want it cloud-based, then you can go for Panda Free Antivirus. By cloud-based antivirus, you get the antivirus definition from a cloud-based server which allows your computer to tell a virus and a normal file apart. It even comes in a free lightweight version since you don’t have to download the antivirus definition directly to your computer.

If you want a more comprehensive security function–the entire suite with firewall, antivirus, email protection, spam filter, etc., then you can go with ESET Internet Security.

There is definitely a lot of options based on your priority, but the one I recommend, as I have used it before, is ESET NOD32/ESET Internet Security.

If you are in no rush and would want to scrutinize the best antivirus for you and your workplace, I recommend you download a 30-day trial from the top 5 antivirus software listed online. It is tedious but I’m sure you will find which one fits your need–should it be ease of use, full functionality, cloud-based, locally stored to your device, etc.

At the time of writing, these 5 antivirus suites are at the top in terms of speed and detection rate:

1. AVG Ultimate 2017

2. ESET Internet Security 10

3. Avira Free Security Suite 2017

4. Kaspersky Total Security Suite 2017

5. Trend Micro Internet Security 2017

Any of the top ones will do the job of protecting your computer from harmful code, but I’ve been working with ESETs  NOD32 software before and I can highly recommend them for their speed and reliability.

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